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Electrofusion connection process

PublishTime: 2019-10-30 14:54:00

1.Preparation and precautions. The butt pipe sections shall be of the same material, and the same plant supporting materials shall be used as far as possible; the outer diameter and wall thickness of the butt pipe sections shall be the same, and the error shall be within the allowable range; the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe and pipe fittings to be welded shall be smooth and flat without any abnormality; The butt joints should have good processing and welding properties that match the welder. When welding in cold climate and high wind environment, protective measures should be taken; the surface to be welded must be scraped off and cleaned before welding; the electrofusion pipe fittings should not be unpacked when not in use, strictly in accordance with the specifications of the welding machine and the bar code of the pipe fittings. The time value is to be welded; the joint must not be moved or any external force applied during the welding process and during the cooling phase after the welding is completed.

2 points of operation of the electrofusion connection. Clean the dirt on the connecting surface of the pipe, mark the insertion depth, scrape off the skin; the pipe is fixed on the frame, and the electrofusion pipe is placed on the pipe; the connected parts are straightened to ensure the same axis; energized and welded; cool down. When connecting, the voltage and heating time selection during power-on heating shall be in accordance with the regulations of the manufacturer of electrofusion connection tools and the manufacturer of pipe fittings. Do not move the connector or apply any external force on the connector during cooling of the fused connection

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