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20-160mm PPR Pipe Welding Tool

Product Description

Application and features:

1. Suitable for socket welding pipes and fittings made of PE or PP.

2. Preprogrammed welding parameter enables to choose the heating time by inputting out diameter of pipe to be welded.

Technical Parameters:

1. 20-160mm

2. Max. heating plate Temp: 270

3. Working voltage: 220V 50Hz ,110V 60Hz

Technical specifications:

1. This item is suitable for PPR PE,PB pipe material

2. Design with adjustment of temperatures

3. Rated voltage : A C 220/230V 50/60HZ

4. Rated power : 600,800,1200W

5. Working temperature : 200~279 C

6. Ambient temperature :-5C ~45C

7. Other accessories

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